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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

A short note to all my friends and customers that have been so generous and kind to me as I have navigated through the aftermath of the catastrophic fire of Douglas Village Shopping Centre. I just want to say a big Thank You.

As many of you already know there is no rest for the wicked and I have been working in overdrive behind the scenes to get back to a new and improved Pure Boutique that you all have come to know and love through the years. Floods, fires and now a worldwide pandemic can't keep a good thing down.

For now I would just like to extend my well wishes to all of you just as you did for me. Stay safe and stay at home and we will all see each other again. We will be dancing to Abba between new stock before we know it!

Love Rita X

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To my childhood friend, you have worked so hard for so long and had so many knock backs, but u r strong and determined and never afriad of hard graft. That Rita is why iv no doubt that Pure will be a success be it in shop or online and I wish you love luck and happiness in this new chapter x x

Breda O connor

When life gives me lemons I put them in whiskey 🥃💫 I’m raising a glass to say cheers to you – delighted to see you back doing what you do best – Big hugs🥰


Hi Rita, lovely to know you are back up and running , miss Pure a lot ! Looking forward to walking through the doors again , meanwhile the best of luck with your online business ,
Paula Raftery

Paula Raftery

Delighted Rita to get your message on mobile. So looking forward to seeing you and Pure Boutique to reopen some day soon. Keep in touch, Trish x

Patricia MAC Curtain

Hi Rita
Wishing you the very best with the online shop. I used to love popping to your shop & have picked up some great pieces. Marc o polo label is a firm favourite of mine as I got familiar with the label when I lived in Belgium.
Hopefully you will start stocking some of their pieces to purchase on line.
Best wishes & stay safe x


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