Collection: Malin+Goetz

Uncomplicated luxury skincare, fragrance, and candles for modern living. Malin+Goetz was set up with the goal of providing the most gentle and effective treatments available. Developed with the most tried, true and trusted natural ingredients found throughout history and uses advanced technology to help these ingredients perform better. The result? Uncomplicated skincare that works for everyone – all skin types, all genders.

Even suitable for those with the most sensitive skin, tried and tested for over 2 years by our very own #puregirl Caoimhe, whose sensitive skin is severely temperamental and prone to eczema flare-ups, she cannot recommend their products enough.

"To be able to use a product that smells so good and doesn't cause a flare-up is something I rarely come across, but every product in this range has never failed me. From their shampoo to their body lotion, nothing dries my skin out or causes any redness/ blotchiness at all! It's truly amazing! And the fact these products are cruelty-free is a huge bonus!"