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Multicoloured Mini Santina Earrings

Multicoloured Mini Santina Earrings


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These hoops feature a dangling cross-shaped charm, made with sandblasting gold and intricate filigree. Featuring multicoloured gemstones including zircon in orange, agate in green, blue and red, citrine quartz and spinel in black. These lightweight earrings are perfect for any occasion.

A note on zircon: A natural stone found in the Earth's crust. This fascinating gem has a wonderful sparkle and is said to help lead life to prosperity, with energies to help support the achievement of dreams and goals.

A note on agate: One of nature's most varied and vibrant designs, agates have been used in jewellery since biblical times when they were highly valued as an amulet to quench thirst and protect against illness. Still considered a protective stone today it is believed to offer strength, and protect against bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy.

A note on spinel: One of the oldest gems in the Crown Jewels, this sparkling stone can be found in a few different colours with black being one of the rarest. It is said to have protective energies, helping to relax and repel negativity.

A note on citrine: November's birthstone, believed to be the gemstone of happiness, is used to guard against evil thoughts and to promote creativity. Carrying the power of the sun it is warm, energising and life-giving.

Behind the name: Santina, the feminine for Santino meaning 'Tiny Saint'; named for our father

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